COVID-19 Corona Virus Preparedness
at Raincoast Business Advisors

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We are all aware of the seriousness of this Corona virus and its effects on the world and our local economy.  We see the news everyday and we see the potential effects on various businesses and their abilities to continue to provide sales and services to customers.

It is therefore prudent for us to let you know what steps we have taken to enable us to continue to provide you with accounting and income tax services for those who may not feel comfortable going out to submit their tax information in person, or in the unlikely event that services cannot be provided in person:

  1. All of our personnel, including reception, bookkeeping, accounting technicians, and CPA’s have computer systems at their homes, and have secure remote connections to our main office computer systems and data. 
  2. Our telephone system is set up to enable us to link to personal cell phones so you can still contact us via the office telephone number.
  3. We are able to work on all files from home, even in the unforeseen event that we would not be able to meet you in person at our office.
  4. Electronic submission of corporate records and documents is already well utilized by most clients and we can set this up for anyone not currently using this service.  This works for submission of information by you and for return of completed work from us.
  5. Personal tax return information can also be submitted electronically, we will prepare your tax returns, and send your completed returns back to you electronically.  Sending returns to CRA is already a long-established electronic process for us.
  6. Electronic signatures are now accepted by CRA as well.  We will send you any signature requirements using “Adobe Sign”, which is a simple process leading you through each form location that requires your signature.  Once you have signed, the completed document is automatically returned to us.
  7. We utilize a secure encrypted client portal for sending and receiving your documents.  We will set up a Portal account for you at your request.  Send your request to
  8. And yes, we also accept electronic payment by credit card or Interac email transfer.

All of this is precautionary planning at this point, as our office is open, and we are busy working away.

Should you have any questions on the above processes you are welcome to call us at any time.

Take care and be prepared.