Citrix ShareFile logo250x105Raincoast Business Advisors utilizes Citrix Sharefile as our Client Portal for the upload, download and sharing of documents.

This is the direct link to the Raincoast Sharefile Account Login or Client Portal

The Client Portal is a password-protected space where we can exchange business files with clients easily and safely. From small to large files this is the secure option that we provide to protect your information.

To get an account set up for you or your business, Contact Us and we will initiate the process. You will receive an email from Sharefile providing you with a link where you will set up your login and password.

Mobile access to your account is available by utilizing the Sharefile App. To download the App that works with your system please access one of the following links:

Apple App Store ShareFile for iPhone and iPad
Download from the Apple
App Store
Download for Phone
Download for Tablet
Google Play for Android ShareFile for Android
Download from Google’s
Android Market
Download for Phone
Download for Tablet
Windows Phone Sharefile for Windows
Download from the
Windows Store
Download for Phone
Download for Tablet
Blackberry App ShareFile for Blackberry
Download from
Blackberry World
Download for Phone